things my heart desires VS things i buy because parenting


Sometimes being a parent sucks. Not because your two year old just pooped her pants for the upteenth time since potty training started, but because you have to choose your purchases while thinking about “will the other moms judge me if they saw me sporting this at mommy-and-me class?” or “will apple sauce stain this material?”
Some moms are able to pull it all off and look like an edgy fashionista, but me? I’m too sloppy and self conscious – and so I’ve started to put away my favorite quirky stuff, like my beloved neon yellow JAPANESE PEOPLE SELL BEER TO KIDS tank top and cute canvas totes. Here’s a list of things I’ve been drooling over vs things that just seem more logical now that I have a toddler running around: Continue reading “things my heart desires VS things i buy because parenting”